A 10 Mega Profit Sit and Go Strategy

A 10 Mega Profit Sit and Go Strategy

A 10 Mega Profit Sit and Go Strategy for Profit is the most predictable and straight forward sit and go strategy you could possibly have. Although it is very straight forward and easy to follow, there are still some things you need to remember on when to apply this strategy and when not to apply it.

Any poker system, including the free online poker systems, must contain a complete description of every scenario that can arise during a poker match. The cards, the blinds, the position, the opponents, the pot size, the ante, the flop, the turn and the river. Each and every scenario should be described and scenarios should be calculated in order to find the best moves to make for a given hand, game or situation.

For example, if you hold Ace King and there are 2 players in the hand who have bet before you, you should probably fold your hand unless both of the players have very aggressive poker styles. As they might have a made hand or a percentage of the flop or they might just call because they have nothing. You would not want to try a two pair the very first hand because you might lose to a bigger two pair. When deciding to call you can let it ride with a slightly smaller 2 pair because that is the lowest pair in a lot of hands.

The main rule in any 7meter system is to have a solid plan and stick to it whether you are winning or losing. Do not try to invent something new and successful every time you play. If you do not like a certain strategy, if it does not bring the desired results, drop it and learn another poker strategy.

You do not need to know all poker systems to be successful at Texas Holdem because when you play for play money chips, you do not have to manage the chip stack. You only have to know the two main poker systems: the stud poker systems and the draw poker systems. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks and I know that you, like me, can make your own decisions based on your own experience and intuition.

Just remember that a poker system, even if it is free, is not a factor in your ability to win or lose. Always remember that a factor in your ability to win or lose probably has more to do with your ability as a player than anything else.

As long as you can follow the basic poker systems, be consistent in the poker strategies you employ, be patient in the times in which you are not winning, play within your bankroll and be willing to drop down a level when needed.

You are not going to make a lot of money playing poker for play money. Be patient and excited while reading the basic information because you most likely know the worst thing about playing for play money are the poor hands or those you would think are marginal hands. Most times you will fold the hand and not win at all.

Take the time to learn proven and sound poker strategies using a poker system. Learn what separates the winners from the losers and you will eventually find yourself on the winning side of the coin!