A Winning Horse Racing Handicapping Strategy - 3 Strategy Mistakes to Avoid

A Winning Horse Racing Handicapping Strategy – 3 Strategy Mistakes to Avoid

Is there really a winning horse racing handicapping strategy? That’s the million dollar question. I for one have never found the perfect racing strategy. I’ve been betting professionally for approximately 15 years now and have never found one that I could live with. I have spent much of my betting career looking for the holy grail and I still search. Occasionally I find a strategy that I like and I have since incorporated it into my betting practices but I am always looking for more.

While looking for strategies, I looked at a lot of panen138 racing forums. I expected to find a lot of free strategies. Instead, What I found was a lot of people who had no sound basis for their betting and no sound reason for using a particular style of betting. Fundamentally, there are sound reasons for using a certain style of betting and a lot of sound reasons for avoiding it. If you can find a profitable strategy, you will have a profitable betting system. If you can’t find a profitable strategy, you are spending an awful lot of time betting in the hope that you will find a betting system that suits you.

3 Reasons Why You Need A Winning Horse Racing Handicapping Strategy

a. You can’t improve your chances without one.

Although there are plenty of sights on the internet that claim to help you win money at the races, there is no proven system that actually works. Most betting guides are a load of hooey and don’t actually help you to improve your chances of winning.

If you are going to invest in a racing betting system, you need one that is based on sound principles. One of them is the fact that you can’t improve your chances without a sound system, nor can you get a better return on your investment if you do manage to make some profits.

b. It’s got video.

With the advent of teleplay and television coverage of the grounds, horse racing is now more of a spectator sport. Winning is less important than it used to be. Still, the fact that you can actually watch the races live and see the outcome is a big deal. Not only that, but with the advent of television, there is more opportunity to gauge the handicapping and see if you can work out what the system is getting right.

c. It’s got a statistics start.

Apart from number 10 above, there is a host of statistics that you can take note of. Facts like the average lead in a horse race, or perhaps what the average sale of a book is at a given book. There are statistical models that you can follow and even work out your own statistics based upon your own reading of the stats.

d. You can adapt it and test it out.

Unlike a physical system that needs you to work out your own methods and to track your outcomes, an electronic horse racing betting system can be tried out and discarded and then brought back to become your winning system.

e. It is available to you.

Although more of aPrima facie argument, but nevertheless a very important one. If the system is available to you then you can use it. It is no use having a system that is not robust and works for you if you are not going to actually use it.

Some horse racing betting systems work great and some are a complete waste of time and money.Whichever system you choose you should make sure that you don’t just jump onto seeing how you might make money on line, but instead you need to work out a betting strategy and get a strategy of your own. You will have a lot of fun and a lot of money to bet with from the.