Fillies on the Beach

Fillies on the Beach

In the past few years I have been enjoying many walks along the beach. I try to go with my wife whenever I have the urge to just sit by the beach and relax. We walk along the boardwalk and Surfers Paradise where you can see all the sea life. At the end of the day we usually go to the Stadium for the game. The day we spent in Point Londo we went to the Surfers Paradise. At this Theme Park there are many rides you can take including the sleeper bus that will take you off to places likeosenoorshore.

In the meantime my wife decides she is going to go play the horses for a while and I follow suit and relax in the grass by the Soccer complex. Sometimes I even lay in the hot sun on the grass and wear just the shirt on my back. It doesn’t get any easier than that and although I did shake hands with a few of the older horses when we were at the edge of the boardwalk, I would say they were pretty easy on the okay.

After returning from the beaches I decide to take a look at the offerings on offer at the Greyhound Racing Track. There is a lot to see and do here and I really like the extension lead in the Egp88. When we get there the dogs are let out and it is pure entertainment for the people in the crowd. You will notice there are no disqualified dogs anywhere near the park and all the greyhounds are there to race.

After viewing all the action from the dogs running around the path and people on the streets cheering and jostling to have their shot at the dogs, I suppose I should probably get a snack or something. I pay £2.50 for a John Smith’s light and reduce the amount of danger I am in by not smoking. It has been a good while already. I suppose I should get some fresh air. I open the bag of snake eyes I had bought the other day and there is a note telling me to kill all the small snakes and other small biting animals inside the bag. I wonder if the person who handed me the bag knew I would think of giving it back? I put the bag down and start walking through the park to the nearest exit. I can’t quite compute what I am thinking about as I follow the voice in the other room. I follow the voice to a taxi rank and mount the steps.

As I reach the top of the steps I’m distracted by the thought that someone must haveugs a quad whatever and I must have done that already. There is a possibility that I have not played my full 5x bonus and as I climb the steps I am distracted again as I’m asking myself “how did I ever dok the bonus again?”. I wasn’t any use to the bonus money in the first place and no way to get it back. I decide to just ignore the bonus and continue on up the steps to the top of the steps.

At the top of the steps I have a decision to make, to complain about the amount of steps I have taken or to complain that the bonus money isn’t enough to have helped me achieve all the goals I had set for it. For a lot of people the answers would be to complain about the size of the bonus, but for me I don’t mind.