How Is PokerStars 4236

How Is PokerStars 4236?

Stitchinghistory – If you are like me when you first see a posted tournament or sit and go table on pokerstars you will see 4 dollars on a game called Sklansky’s blind steal. I remember sklansky taking down first place a few years ago with $1000 dollars and I instantly remembered his sound bite in making his move.

While I do agree that the game of hold’em is the most profitable game online right now it is tough to call a game with 4 dollars on the line one that I enjoy. So whenever I find a game online I usually invest in a few bucks and start playing. One of the first games I ever started in my poker career was $2.00 sit and go. I’m a pretty honest guy and I don’t like wasting my time or money on games that I have no advantage over the site and players. With $2.00 I started in the small buy in field and worked my way up to the mid tiers. While working my way up I was also playing in the $5.00 tournaments and thought I was increasing my skills. Little did I know I was losing my whole bankroll in a little over a month. So with the little bit I had left I decided it was time to move on to a game I could beat.

While looking for a game of dominobet online I had some friends send me private messaging asking me how I was doing. So I figured I would make a post here to let you know how it went. This is how it went.

Monday: I started off the day with a destroyers max buy in of $30. I hate feeling like I have to play a hand with a lot of chips and then fold. I usually increase my limits once in a while to make playing at night less frustrating but right now I was happy with the $30. Once I was done with the $30I went to play some 1c/2c no limit. To get the easy money I would have to play a lot of hands, and hopefully double up. While this was going on I watched under out and decided to join the Small blind which was a bigger buy in. It seemed just less devastating to lose a $30 buy in than it would be to lose a $200.50 one. Plus the Small blind didn’t have many raisers so it looked like I would be at the top with a big raise.

After playing for a little while I was still at the top with about $200. I decide to move up a level and go to $.50/$1.00. While I was losing very slowly at the $1/$2 table, I was a rock at $.50/$1.00. I hasn’t gotten that far in months but I’m on the top dog.

This is when the bad beats start. The players are starting to really value their hands because the blinds are coming around so fast. They are getting impatient and want to be in the action. About this time one of the hotshots (bad poker player) calls you a couple of bucks into a $300 pot. What a bad beat. While the player wanted to get into the hand he really misplayed his hand. The turn card helped everybody at the table and the bad player didn’t know what to think. He took a couple of bucks and called on the river. Another couple of folds and the action folded to me and I took down another nice pot.

While I was getting used to this new style of play I kept distracting myself with the thought that the others were getting ready to run all over my blind and I needed to be in the hand to win. This would be an excuse later on in the hand and then I would just call to keep them in the hand. It actually worked once I got a half big bet out of them. Unfortunately they were able to recover and the hand went to a showdown. While they were trying to decide who had the better hand a player in a different table sat down and made a big raise on a short table. The players in the other table folded once the flop came out Qh-4h-3h. They had hit two pair and if the other player had a set of 4’s they were probably going to win. The player who made the raise had hit a set and collected the pot. I had picked up a hand on the flop and got into a heads up confrontation with the player who made a big raise. I won the hand and got $300 in chips. After the hand was over I looked at my watch and noticed I had been up 30 minutes in the time it took him to double up. I had been so aggressive in the hand that the correct play would have been to come in for the raise.